Sissell Ian Linwood

Roxanne’s lover and the head Deacon of her church and who finally helped Roxanne feel as if she was worthy enough to capture her own version of happy. He is the type of man that seems to always have a saxophone of a soundtrack playing in the background of his life.  Because when he finally spoke to her and informed her of his truth about her shattered marriage, she would often hear music accompanying his words! He has the power and skills to look through her like she was an open book and it is amazing to them how much they need one another. Even though he has his own trapping of his life to contend with, he is confirmed to be the cornerstone behind her dealership as he wraps her life up inside of several very naughty sexual adventures. Sissell has a positive influence on Roxanne and he helps her remember the playful side of life and never allowing her the chance to be lonely.