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Roxanne Beaumont Sagar

A middle-aged woman with tons of clever charm, wicked sense of humor, killer smile, savoy business skills and is the owner/operator of a thriving Lexus auto dealership in Sacramento, California!  Although she happens to be a woman of color with an infectious and explosive laugh her personality sneaks up on you and holds you close! It was no accident the door to pure beauty was not slammed in her face as she has this power to make you aware that you are dealing with a sharp and clever individual. There is a part of Roxanne that she keeps hidden inside of her fragmented world, all to herself, which happens to be a façade’. She is a buxom beauty with big dark eyes, two sisters, two children, a soon to be ex-husband, the head deacon of her church as her lover and plaything, along with a host of memorable and unforgettable events that occur on a daily basis!

Roxanne has done her time begging and paying for the love, respect she desires and she is grateful her family and dealership keeps her distracted enough to carry on with her daily adventures as her life embraces her! Her generous spirit makes everyone aware they are dealing with royalty, as she flows in and out of your life, because she will always be the one to finish big! Roxanne knows how to shuffle and juggling tons of crazy situations at once but as you get a glance at what is really going on behind the scene as you find your way around inside of her life.  If you are lucky, you might change your outlook about this heroine because she is unforgettable while she shows off her impressive skills that she shows off for everyday!  But when her life gets out of hand, God in her infinite wisdom saw fit to grace her with her own team of heavenly creatures to assist her with earthly battles.

Although Roxanne does not have any guilt or shame to offer up as she eases into her life as she entertains all manners of outlandish vulgarities! There is an air of comedy and naughtiness that weaves itself around her everyday encounters. The subtle air that surrounds her keeps her linked to the God inside herself plus there is always an internal dialog going on inside of her head because most days she believes that she is invincible.  Roxanne welcomes some of the provocative situations that almost take her breathe away behind some of her careless actions in her private and personal exchanges.  There is a vast assortment of characters gracing her existence as there is always a grin on her face laced with careful lies! This is Roxanne’s life, good, bad and indifferent and if anyone is unhappy about her actions well her outlook is to inform anyone to stand in the line to kiss her rear-end or as she informs you to F--K off!  As far as she is concerned the line forms from the left and the right but make no mistake you will not be the only one in the line of her life as she waits for the perfect moment to show you what damage an Uninvited Conversation could do to her life!



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