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Michael Elliot Sagar

Roxanne’s soon to be ex-husband who has now recently discovered that Roxanne no longer desire to be married to him inside of a loveless marriage. Michael, being like most men who never discover the true beauty of a relationship until it is gone and now he can’t understand why Roxanne is no longer interested in his lies or misgivings. Michael is a very fortunate man to have loved a woman like Roxanne although he is clueless of how to recapture his wife’s attention because he now desires it! He seems to be unsure of how to regain his footing with her once more, he still believes that one-day he might stumble back upon what it will take to regain or redirect his place in her life. He is a shallow man who knows that he has been on the vacation of a lifetime with her for far too long and he has outstayed his welcome. As he now finds himself doing some shameful things to get her back, or so he thinks because he loves his wife and does not wish to throw in the towel or wave the white flag of surrender when it comes to their marriage!

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