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Novellas Your Sweet Desserts by Camille St. Charles Mississippi


Hi, their Kiddie’s, my name is Camille and I am Dessert!


I dream up sexually inspired stories and I titled them after trusted desserts and snacks.


Let’s not waste any-more time because these are not your mom or grandmother’s stories.


I would like for you to think of me as a Hilariously Sexy Librarian.


Come, join me as, I take you on a sensual journey, and your approval is not needed!


First of all, I desire to make you aware of who I am not…


I do not hang out with the meat and potatoes of life, fancy breads and salads do not thrill me, I am Dessert…


Your religious and political affiliations are of no concern to me.

Neither am I interested in how high or low your blood pressure, BMI, or your cholesterol is at any given moment.

I am a guiltless pleasure…

I am Dessert…                     

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