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Camille St. Charles Mississippi
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Camille is a transplant make-up artist from Sacramento, California. Now nestled inside of irresistible Detroit, Michigan, she's found another part of her purpose in life as an author.It took patience and time for her to find the voice now weaving its way through all of the characters of her rather sorted and funny tales of The R Series: Rated R for Roxanne. Camille listened to the voice that told her to write what was stirring inside, excitedly growing, and soon bubbling to be released. Now she prides herself as a sweet-talking lady who enjoys dreaming up charming and sexy stories from her first book The R Series: Rated R for Roxanne Bring Your Boots! and again in her latest series addition An Uninvited Conversation.


While she writes her tales she falls in love with all of her characters over and over again. Camille enjoys the way her stories contribute to the fabric of her life. As her words pull together a masterpiece for her characters to thrive inside of, she gives her readers a little taste of sheer enjoyment with each page. Cozy up to the world of Roxanne, created by Camille St. Charles Missisippi. It will drive an assortment of smiles, secret giggles, drama and other sensational surprises your way.


Allow Ms. Camille St. Charles Mississippi to reach out and become one of your favorite authors as she transports you to the world of Roxanne!

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