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I Ain't Got No

Business  Ain't Got No Business; it is the third offering from the nine-part fiction series. It opens up with the heroine coming off of a hot and sex-filled weekend with her new lover, Mr. Akheem Fulwad! She loves the fact that her new lover will move Heaven and Earth to make her smile. Roxanne has blown a fuse, knowing that someone who works at her lucrative Lexus dealership is trying to steal information from her. Although the real thief has not been revealed or uncovered, parts of the pieces of this great mystery are slowly falling into place. She is feverishly trying to keep up with the burdens of life, like giving her attention to juggling an assortment of love interests.


A crazy misunderstanding between her and Akheem renders her silent to him. This is only their first misunderstanding in the love arena. but it has and is doing damage to their relationship. Although, Roxanne has known several men in her life. She has never loved any of them as she does for Akheem Fulwad. He knows that she is still grieving the death of her grandmother, while she pretends not to have a care that she wants to speak with him about. But they miss each other and the fun that they have with each other.


Last but not least, a doctor steps out of the shadows and wishes to join in the sexual gravitational-pull he has with her! Roxanne's life is like walking in the jungle, all while carrying God, angels, family, the dealership, a sick friend, and multiple lovers. All this is wrapped inside of a pretty package of a full-figured woman of color, along with a wicked/outrageous sense of humor! 


Although, you are just a passenger, strap yourselves in for the high-powered ride of a lifetime! As far as Roxanne is concerned, there is an unforeseeable adventure and a tumultuous battle to win back her dealership and the heart of one of her gentlemen callers in her very near future! She is a woman who believes in miracles and so much more...

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